PANDAY’S STUDIO is the only photographic studio in KZN to have 5 Fuji Frontier Photo labs printing equipment valued at R6 million, which gives us a total printing output capacity of 30 000 photographs per day. This allows us to process photographs at increased speed and reduce delivery time.

PANDAYS has branches in:

  • * Queen Street, Durban  Tel: 031-3060388
  • * Phoenix Plaza Tel: 031-5078698
  • * Bridge City Shopping Mall in Kwa Mashu Tel: 031-5303150                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


    PANDAY’ STUDIOS has a permanent staff of 28 with the head of operations and chief photographer being Pops Panday, South Africa’s leading photographer who has been photographing schools throughout South Africa from 1983 and UKZN graduations from 1985(formerly UDW & University of Natal). With our staff compliment of 28, we do not have to hire freelance photographers and assistants as the other photographic companies.

     All our photographers capture hundreds of school students daily. With graduation photography a photographer has to capture hundreds of photos in quick succession, a task well honed with experience. All our photographers do this on a daily basis on their daily assignments doing school photography.

    Our company understands the importance and value of a photograph. It’s the penultimate for any person in keeping lasting memories. The last thing Panday’s want is to be responsible for destroying a person’s memory. Therefore choosing ‘PANDAYS” for any of your photographic requirements can be the only correct solution.